Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What's In A Name?

You may have wondered why this Blog is called Roesch Photography, why my website is called Sentiment Image, and why I call the wedding side of all this Ritchie A. Roesch Photojournal Wedding Photography.

It seems the names are all over the place.


This Blog predates the website (although not by much). Initially I was going to name the business Roesch Photography, and I named this site accordingly.

While working on the website, my wife came up with Sentiment Image, and I really liked the name. I like what it means on a deeper level. The business slogan very quickly and naturally followed: "Conveying thoughts and emotions through photographs."

A photograph is non-verbal communication. A poorly executed photo is unclear communication, and a well executed photograph is clear communication. Non-verbal communication that speaks thoughts and emotions are the goals of my photography. That's why the name fits so well. Do you see the sentiment?

However, there was one aspect of the business that I fealt Sentiment Image didn't sound as personal as I thought it needed to sound: wedding photography. A wedding is such a big and important event--one filled with emotions and once-in-a-lifetime situations--and it requires the photographer's own feelings and perceptions to capture it correctly.

It really is important who one chooses to photograph his or her wedding.

So for the wedding photography aspect of Sentiment Image I chose the name Ritchie A. Roesch Photojournal Wedding Photography. It has the right combination of "personal" and "vision" that I want to convey. Yet it is still a part of Sentiment Image and what that stands for.

I've thought about renaming this Blog Sentiment Image, and I still someday might. I'm afraid it might lose just a bit of "me" if I do so. After all, this Blog is my thoughts, my feelings, my opinions, and my pictures. Why shouldn't my name be on it?

I digress.

Sentiment Image. Roesch Photography. Ritchie A. Roesch Photojournal Wedding Photography. It's different sides of the same book.

I hope that clears up any confussion.

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