Friday, August 26, 2011

Cheap Tripods

I've talked before that most photographers don't need anything better than an inexpensive tripod. Most cameras nowadays have image stabilization, allowing the photographer to use longer shutter speeds without tripods (I've successfully used as slow as 1/8 handheld). Even if you do require a tripod for your shot, almost all cameras (new and old) have self-timers and many newer cameras are remote capable, so as long as you are not touching the camera when the shutter is open and as long as there is not a strong wind, there is no need for a heavy, sturdy tripod.

In fact, as long as you have a hard, flat surface, you don't even need a tripod for long exposures.

I've been using a tripod that I purchased from Walmart for $29.99 over five years ago, and it has worked well. It's light and compact, which (for me) are the two most important features. It's adjustable in many ways and even has a built-in level.

Even so, it has started to show some wear-and-tear (mostly because I throw it around and don't take good care of it). The time to replace it has been slowly approaching.

I recently found a really good deal on a cheap tripod, and decided that now is the time to replace the Walmart special.

Right now Amazon has the Dolica 62-inch Proline Tripod on sale for $39.99 and even includes free shipping (at least the shipping was free for me, it may be location specific). Regular price is $65.99 (or $59.99 if purchased direct from the Dolica). That's a heck of a deal for what is probably the best tripod you can get for under $100.

So if you've been thinking about purchasing a new tripod, now's the time.

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