Friday, November 18, 2011

Always, Always Have Your Camera With You

I saw one of the most beautiful sunrises this morning. It was easily one of the top 10 best sunrises or sunsets that I've ever seen (and, having lived in Arizona, I've seen some great ones).

It looked like the sky was on fire with brilliant reds and oranges!

This morning's sunrise was much better than the sunrise on Monday, which itself was really nice. I had my camera with me on that day.

Unfortunately, today I left my camera at home.

Learn from my mistake and always bring your camera with you. Being prepared is half the battle, and I found myself camera-less.

I left my camera behind because I was running late and was sure that I wouldn't have had the time for photography, even if I did notice something worth being photographed. But this sunrise was so amazing, that an image from the car while driving would still have been better than many of the sunrise or sunset photographs that one typically sees.

I should have had a camera with me, and I lost out because of it.

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