Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Capture Kern County Book

As you may know, four of my photographs have just been published in a book called Capture Kern County. I'm pretty excited to see these images in print and proud to be one of the 129 winning photographers. Yes, it was a photography contest, and 1,084 photographers entered.

There are 261 photographs in the book out of 21,993 images that were entered into the contest.

The photographer with the most photographs published in the book is Casey Christie with a total of 13. Casey has been a photojournalist for many, many years and is also an accomplished nature and landscape photographer. An interesting side note is that my mother-in-law quite literally saved his life once.

The photographer with the second most number of images in the book has seven. About five other photographers (sorry, I lost count at one point and was too lazy to start over) have four or more photographs in the book (so this includes me). About one-third of the photographers have two or three photographs in the book, and about one-half have just one image published.

In any event, it's a very nice book that would look great on any coffee table. Check it out!

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