Saturday, November 19, 2011

Historic Phoenix Buildings

I've been cleaning out the library of photographs from Phoenix, Arizona (I recently moved to Tehachapi, California), and came across these images of buildings in Phoenix that were built in the 1800's.

Prior to moving I was working on a project, but did not have a chance to complete it. These photographs are the remains of that project. I used a Pentak K-x to capture them.

Windsor Hotel Ladder - Phoenix, Arizona
Built in 1893. 
New Windsor Sign - Phoenix, Arizona
Windsor Window - Phoenix, Arizona
Windsor Hotel - Phoenix, Arizona
Coe House Roofline - Phoenix, Arizona
Built in 1895.
Coe House Wall - Phoenix, Arizona
Coe House Roof - Phoenix, Arizona
Coe House - Phoenix, Arizona
Peaks, Cronin House - Phoenix, Arizona
Built in 1893.
Cronin House - Phoenix, Arizona
Peterson House - Phoenix, Arizona
Built in 1899.
Door Hinge, Duppa House - Phoenix, Arizona
Built in 1870 and is the oldest house in Phoenix. Mr. Duppa is credited with naming Phoenix.
Duppa Door - Phoenix, Arizona
Window on Duppa House - Phoenix, Arizona
Norton House - Phoenix Arizona
Built in 1895.
Raney House - Buckeye, Arizona
Built in 1895.
Broken Windows, Raney House - Buckeye, Arizona


  1. How does one find the history of a home? I am obsessed with the Norton House.


      The Phoenix Historical Society might be a good starting point. Thanks for commenting.