Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thought Of The Day: More Kindle Fire Thoughts

In yesterday's Thought Of The Day, I spoke highly of the Kindle Fire but said that the Apple iPad is the clear choice from a photography standpoint. The iPad has a built-in digital camera while the Fire does not.

I was asked if the Fire offers any benefit for a photographer--photographically speaking, of course.

The answer to that question is yes. You can download books and magazines onto your tablet computer.

There are a number of good photography books available in a digital format that Amazon has made quite simple for you to purchase. The best part is that you can carry these books with you where ever you go. You can quickly reference them out in the field if need be. And there is no added bulk or weight aside from the tablet itself.

Four different photography magazines are available for you to purchase (at least that I could find). Most printed photography magazines cost between $4.99 and $9.99 per issue. And very few are worth that price. Sometimes you will find an issue worth its weight in gold, but most of the time there are only small nuggets of useful information found within the magazine's pages. Perhaps two dollar's worth.

The good news is that most digital magazine subscriptions available through Amazon cost $1.99 per issue. These downloaded copies are available to you for as long as you want to set aside disk space for them. Like digital books, these can be quickly referenced any time you want.

One benefit of viewing photography magazines through a tablet instead of printed is that the photographs themselves look even more amazing.

The Fire does offer internet access through WiFi. If you are in a hotspot, that's great! You can find so much helpful information by using Google that surely will benefit the photographer. If you are not in a hotspot, bummer.

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