Monday, January 2, 2012

Pentax K-x Image Quality

One question that I keep getting is: "Are there issues with the image quality from the Pentax K-x?"

I assume this question also applies to the nearly identical K-r.

I get this question because I primarily use a K-x DSLR. The advice generally given on message boards is that you should use Nikon, Canon or Leica cameras... and spend as much as you can afford. But that is not the best advice.

When you spend more, you will get a better camera. If you have unlimited resources, by all means get the best camera money can by. If not, then the most important question should be value. Which camera gives the most for the lowest cost?

If you compare a $500 to a $5,000 camera, ask if the more expensive camera is 10 times better. If not, then the less expensive camera has the better value.

Almost two years ago when I was in the market for a DSLR, I determined that (for me) the Pentax K-x had the best value. It certainly helped that I found it on sale for less than $500. That is why I chose it over the other makes and models.

As far as image quality, I have seen nothing out of the ordinary. It works as advertised. I have had photographs taken with the K-x printed in a book, and prints made from the K-x shown in a gallery.

My opinion is that the camera does not make a photograph, the photographer does. Any and all (and I really mean any and all) cameras are capable of creating great images as long as the photographer is capable. So if one complains about image quality from a certain camera, the issue most likely resides with the photographer and not the camera. Most likely, it's the photographers inability to create quality over any of the camera's inabilities.

Explore this Blog, take a look at the different photographs, and judge for yourself if there are issue's with the K-x's image quality.

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