Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tehachapi Hills

The Tehachapi Mountains are very interesting. On the east side of the range, they start out as desert, turning into grass with prairie valleys near 4,000 in elevation', at about 4,500' oak trees appear everywhere, and about 6,000' oak gives way to pine. The highest peak is 7,981'.

On the west side of the Tehachapis, which is where the majority of these photographs were taken, tall grass hills are dotted with oak trees starting at about 1,500' in elevation. At about 3,500' pine trees begin to appear, and by 5,500' the majority of the trees are pine.

While the mountain range is not as tall as other nearby mountains, it is nonetheless rugged and varied.

These photographs were taken on January 20th using both a Nikon S8100 and Pentax K-x, but mostly the S8100.

California Golden Hills - Caliente, California
Cows On Hill - Caliente, California
Two Cows - Caliente, California
Layered Hills - Caliente, California
Tehachapi Mountains - Caliente, California
The distant ridge at the top-right is part of the Sierra Nevadas.
Lonely Dirt Road - Caliente, California
Hills, Grass, Trees - Tehachapi, California
BNSF In The Mountains - Caliente, California

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