Friday, January 27, 2012

Thought Of The Day: Changes To The Blog

It's almost four weeks into 2012, and it's time for change.

I've already made several changes to the Blog over the last few days. I think it looks cleaner, but more importantly, it functions better.

One big (pun intended) improvement is that I can now display images larger in my posts. The visual impact of this will be immediate. Who wants to see images as tiny rectangles?

Another change coming in March is Photo Of The Day will become Photograph Of The Week. First, it's difficult to keep up. Second, only the best photographs will get picked, so there shouldn't be any good-but-not-great selections (or, a couple times, ok-not-great-or-even-good-but-this-is-all-I-have). Third, this will free up time to attend to other aspects of the Blog. I think this will be a positive change.

I started this Blog in March of last year, and it has been an interesting ride and certainly a learning experience. Moving forward, I expect there will be more to learn, more to experience--it should certainly be interesting.

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