Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thought Of The Day: Great Time To Be A Photographer

Right now is a great time to be a photographer.

Digital cameras continue to become better while also becoming cheaper. Fuji made waves last year with the X100, which has so-called "professional" image quality for a price tag of only $1,200. Now Canon is introducing a nearly identical camera (speaking of performance, not looks), the G1X, but for $400 less.

Who needs to spend thousands?

If those cameras aren't good enough for you, how about Sony's amazing 24 megapixel NEX-7? This camera, with an MSRP of $1,350, has image quality that compares to cameras that cost $5,000 or more.

All the while, digital point-and-shoots continue to become both better and cheaper. I recently spent $150 on a Nikon S8100, which produces images similar in quality to so-called "entry-level" DSLRs (that typically cost four or five times as much!).

And cell-phone cameras continue to become better... and more accepted as a real photographic tool.

Digital photography is more affordable now than ever before, with quality that is constantly improving.

One side effect of this is that film cameras have almost been forgotten. Film is still very much a legitimate way to make photographs, and a large number of professional photographers prefer film over digital. There are some advantages to film and good reasons to choose it instead of digital capture.

With so many choosing digital cameras instead of film cameras, one can find used film cameras on eBay for very little. For the price of one new digital camera, one could get several good used film cameras.

Whether you are new to photography or an old pro, this is something to be happy about. There has never been a better time to be a photographer than right now.

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