Sunday, January 1, 2012

Trash In The Desert

I don't understand why some people think the world is their dump. It saddens me that a beautiful location is ruined by trash.

Some carelessly throw garbage out their car window. Others dump large amounts of trash where they think no one will discover or care.

Today, in America, it is easier than ever to dispose of garbage properly. Almost everyone has weekly trash pickup at their homes. Trash receptacles can be found all over the place. City or county dumps are typically not far away.

Really, there is no excuse for ruining the great outdoors with litter. Don't be lazy! Throw your trash in a can. Or take it to the dump.

Don't destroy the beautiful landscapes around us, please.

These photographs were taken on 12/30/2011 using a Pentax K-x DSLR while out in the Mojave Desert near Rosamond, California.

Glass In Glove - Rosamond, California
Couch Cushion - Rosamond, California
Seat Spring - Rosamond, California
Cardboard Honeycomb - Rosamond, California
Trash In The Desert - Rosamond, California

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