Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tehachapi, Art Mecca

I moved to Tehachapi, California from Arizona five months ago. One pleasant surprise is that Tehachapi is an up-and-coming art mecca.
One Oak - Tehachapi, California
In Arizona, when I think of art meccas, I think of Sedona, Jerome, the Grand Canyon and Scottsdale. Those locations are where artists and art collectors flock to. For each location, there are different styles of artists and different types of collectors.
Cathedral Rock Reflected - Sedona, Arizona
Those locations are not only great for buying and selling art, but also for creating it. The pull to each location is different, but there is something that pulls the eye and imagination there.
Grand Canyon From Shoshone Point - Grand Canyon, Arizona
For Sedona and the Grand Canyon, it's the natural beauty and wonder of those locations that attracts the artist. It's difficult to not be moved and inspired. Sedona attracts the wealthy and eccentric collector, while the Grand Canyon attracts the tourist collector.
Two Girls - Jerome, Arizona
Jerome is a quirky town with an old west history. It's hard to put a finger on exactly what Jerome is--or why it has survived--but it is certainly unique. That peculiar place attracts a different kind of artist and collector.
Dollhouse - Scottsdale, Arizona
Scottsdale--once called "the west's most western town"--is where the wealthy live, dine and shop. That rural history merged with modern upscale living makes Scottsdale unique. Collectors want impressive art on their walls and artists earn a good living creating that.
Road Through Foggy Mountain - Tehachapi, California
Tehachapi is a completely different place than those Arizona towns. It has a distinct history, distinct values, and distinct feel. Because of that, it contains a unique group of artists and attracts a unique group of collectors.
Oak Trees and Snowy Mountain - Tehachapi, California
For many years, Tehachapi has been a small agriculture and railroad community between the Mojave Desert and the San Joaquin Valley. With an elevation of 4,000' in a mountain valley, it has an ideal climate and all four seasons. More and more, people have been discovering what I call California's best kept secret.
Freight Train At Day's End - Tehachapi, California
The Tehachapi area ranges from desert, to prairie, to oak dotted hills, to pine forest. Just as diverse are the area's history and culture. Native Americans called the area home for hundreds of years, and there are presently a unique blend of Hispanic, American southwest, Asian, and Mediterranean cultures (among others).
Burger Spot - Tehachapi, California
Just as diverse are Tehachapi's artists. Painters, sculptures, jewelers, photographers--pretty much what one would expect. But there are also great food artists (chefs and wineries), authors, and performing artists. For a small town of about 10,000 people--that not long ago was a speck on the map best known for it's apples--that is surprising.
Climbing Tehachapi Pass - Tehachapi, California
The next time you find yourself in central California, make it a point to stop in Tehachapi. Check out one or more of Tehachapi's galleries. Or sample some of the area's wine. Or enjoy some of the great flavors of the town.
Picket Fence And Wall - Tehachapi, California
You won't be disappointed.
Tree In Mountain Fog - Tehachapi, California

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