Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thought Of The Day: Kodak Is Not Dead

Well, Kodak may be "mostly dead", but they are not dead (yet, anyway).

Since the dawn of digital photography, Kodak has made many missteps, costing them millions of dollars. Even before the dawn of digital at the pinnacle of film, Kodak made a number of missteps. For example, they bet the proverbial farm on the "advanced photo system".

The recent news of Kodak filing for bankruptcy has caused many to declare them dead. This has also caused some to worry about the future of film (film is not dead, either, by the way).

But Kodak is not going anywhere. They are not out of business. They have not closed their doors.

The bankruptcy allows them to not payback millions in debt they owe. It gives them a fresh start while screwing whoever they owed.

Kodak has said the film part of their company is profitable, so there is no way that they will stop making it. Now, since Fuji and Ilford and others make better film than Kodak, it shouldn't hurt any one's feelings too bad if Kodak films went away. But they are not going away, so Kodak film users should stop worrying.

I suspect that Kodak will stop making digital cameras. I could be wrong about this, but "EasyShare" is probably dead.

Kodak will be around at least a little while longer. There is still time breathe life back into the company.

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