Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thought Of The Day: New Camera Phone, Day 4

With my DSLR down with dust on the sensor, I've had to find other ways to entertain myself. Thankfully, a few days ago my new cell phone arrived in the mail--a Samsung Galaxy S with a 5 megapixel camera.

I've discovered that cell phone photography can be just as enjoyable and rewarding as a DSLR.

The cell phone's camera has such a tiny sensor that resolution isn't great. 8" x 10" (or 8" x 12") prints are as large as you would want to go. Some images only have enough resolution for 5" x 7" prints. That's certainly a limitation, but most photographs aren't made larger than that anyway.

One thing that is enjoyable about cell phone photography is post-processing on the phone using one of several Apps--you can have a finished product within a few minutes of taking the picture. And sharing is even quicker. It's almost like having an old Polaroid camera, but with much more control over the final image and without the bulk.

Here are the photographs I created with this camera today. All were post-processed using PicsArt except for Life Lifeless, which was post-processed using Adobe Photoshop Express.

Red Roses - Tehachapi, California
As lit by a lamp with the shade removed. Thankfully, you can adjust the white balance on the camera.
Life Lifeless - Palmdale, California
Small Canal - Palmdale, California
Chair With Burger Box - Palmdale, California
Stairway Down - Palmdale, California
Pathways - Palmdale, California
I don't do abstract all the time, but I thought this was interesting.
Zig Zag Sidewalk - Palmdale, California
Pathways is an alternate edit of this photograph.
Wood Coffee Cup - Palmdale, California
This is another abstract, created by layering a wood fence texture over an image of a coffee cup. 

I guess I've started a new series by posting each day photographs taken with my cell phone camera. If you enjoy them, check back often as I'll continue to create and share images taken with the Galaxy S phone.

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