Monday, February 13, 2012

Thought Of The Day: New Cell Phone Camera

I just got a Samsung Galaxy S to replace my old 2G cell phone. It arrived today and I got to play around with the phone's built-in camera a little.
Pool Chairs And Lake - Goodyear, Arizona
Taken with an old 2G cell phone that I just replaced.
The Galaxy S has a 5 megapixel camera that seems to be decent. I should be able to get quality 8" x 10" (or 8" x 12") prints with this camera, just as long as I don't crop (or crop very, very little).

Why the Galaxy S? It was the best free phone (with a two-year contract) that Verizon was offering. Cell phone companies make lots and lots of money overcharging for their service. I don't see any good reason to give them even more of my hard-earned money.

Any camera is capable of making great photographs, just as long as the photographer is also capable. Cell phone cameras are no exception.

Here are three photographs that I created with the Galaxy S. I used Adobe Photoshop Express (a free "App") to post-process the images.
Joshua Tree - Rosamond, California
Trees, Clearing Storm - Palmdale, California
Sunlit Tree In Winter - Palmdale, California

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