Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thought Of The Day: Nikon D800

There are some nice cameras being released this spring. The 14 megapixel G1-X, Canon's bargain APS-C camera, will retail for $800. The 24 megapixel Sony NEX-7, which has more resolution than any APS-C camera, has an MSRP around $1,400. And Nikon just announced the 36 megapixel full frame DSLR, the D800, which will retail for about $3,000 (body only).

Each year, digital cameras get both better and cheaper.

I'm going to repeat: the D800 will have a full frame sensor with 36 megapixels for only three grand! The 40 megapixel medium format Pentax 645D retails for $10,000 (body only). For seven grand less, you can get almost as much resolution.

Those wanting to upgrade their older medium format digital camera and those wanting to purchase their first medium format DSLR will want to strongly consider the D800 instead. Those in the market for a full frame DSLR shouldn't look anywhere else.

Most photographers don't need that much resolution, and the D800 is complete overkill. But if you create very large prints, or if you've got thousands of dollars you aren't sure what to do with, then the D800 will be hard to pass up.

If you don't have thousands of dollars, but still want full frame digital images with lots of resolution, consider 35mm film. A good used SLR or rangefinder won't break the bank, and can sometimes be found for under $100 (heck, shop around and be patient, and you can find one for less than $50). Film is less than $10 per roll, and sometimes less than $5. Get it developed and scanned, and you've got results similar to what the D800 will give you, but for much, much less.

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