Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Arizona Trip, Day 1 & 2

Day 1: Tuesday, March 13

My new Samsung NX200 compact interchangeable-lens camera came just in time, arriving by UPS the day prior to the Arizona trip I had planned. I didn't have time to play with it on the day it arrived, so Day 1 was my first experiments.

It took a little while to figure out all the settings and menus on the new camera, but after a few hundred photographs, it's now second nature. I really like how Samsung designed the interface, with no often-used functions buried in menus.

March 13th was a travel day, making my way from Tehachapi, California to Goodyear, Arizona (near Phoenix). I found time to make some photographs, even though many hours were spent in the car.
Daffodil - Tehachapi, California
Interstate 15 Through Cajon Pass - Cajon Junction, California
The smudge over the left car's plate is a spot on the windshield.
Conduit - Redlands, California
Green And Red - Redlands, California
Red stands out against green because of color contrast.
Messy Ice Cream - Redlands, California
This was the first time using a flash with the NX200. I really like how this camera captures skin tones.
Day 2: Wednesday, March 14

I slept in and kept this day low-key. I played around with the camera, figuring out what does what and how I want everything configured.

The NX200 is a blast to use and the sharpness and resolution are quite impressive. I'll discuss this more in an up-coming full review, so keep an eye out for that.
Desert Plant Life - Goodyear, Arizona
Cement Curves - Goodyear, Arizona
Yellow Weed Flower - Goodyear, Arizona
Roof, Distant Airplane - Goodyear, Arizona
Prickly Pear Cactus - Goodyear, Arizona
Bougainvillea - Goodyear, Arizona
This was in the harsh noon-time sun.
Bougainvillea Shadow - Goodyear, Arizona
Little Red Flowers - Surprise, Arizona
Plant Curves - Surprise, Arizona
Elephant Head - Surprise, Arizona
Oranges - Surprise, Arizona
Blue Pinwheel - Surprise, Arizona
Cement Lines - Surprise, Arizona
House Shapes - Surprise, Arizona
Near Bloom - Surprise, Arizona
Honeysuckle - Surprise, Arizona
Orange Blossom - Surprise, Arizona
Boy In The Back Yard - Surprise, Arizona
Welc Mat - Surprise, Arizona
Butterfly On Flowers #1 - Surprise, Arizona
This was a massive crop. I removed about 4/5th of the original image, yet there is still enough resolution for a beautiful 11" x 14" print.
Butterfly On Flowers #2 - Surprise, Arizona
Another massive crop. The NX200 is amazing!
Flowers In A Barrel - Surprise, Arizona
Interesting Desert Plant - Surprise, Arizona
Palm Tree - Surprise, Arizona
Typical Arizona Home - Surprise, Arizona
Kennedy - Surprise, Arizona
Typical Arizona Home After Sunset - Surprise, Arizona
This was a five second exposure--no tripod used or needed! I used the top of a car as a sturdy flat surface and took advantage of the camera's self timer.

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