Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Arizona Trip, Day 3

Day 1 and Day 2.

Day 3: Thursday, March 15th

Even though I was on vacation, I set my alarm clock to wake up just before the sun so that I could hike through the foothills of the Estrella Mountains. Camera in hand, I strolled through the desert landscape for just over an hour.

The Sonoran desert at dawn is very beautiful and often overlooked. People will comment that the desert is brown and ugly, but it is far from that. There are many different colors, shapes and textures that come alive in the early morning light.

That evening I spent a few hours in Scottsdale, home of the rich and famous.

All of these photographs were taken with a Samsung NX200 with the kit 18-55mm lens. There is so much resolution, sharpness and details that a longer focal length is practically unnecessary--you can "zoom" by cropping.
Saguaros At First Light - Goodyear, Arizona
Saguaro And Moon Behind Palo Verde - Goodyear, Arizona
Face In The Cactus - Goodyear, Arizona
Saguaro In Early Morning - Goodyear, Arizona
Ancient Saguaro - Goodyear, Arizona
It takes around 100 years for just one arm to sprout.
Two Saguaros And Moon - Goodyear, Arizona
Cactus - Goodyear, Arizona
Saguaro Skin - Goodyear, Arizona
Saguaro Arms - Goodyear, Arizona
Cactus Flowers Near Bloom - Goodyear, Arizona
Tall Saguaro - Goodyear, Arizona
Cactus Flower - Goodyear, Arizona
I wanted just the tip of the flower pedals in focus so that it would draw forward from the busy scene.
Desert Hill - Goodyear, Arizona
Saguaro, Damaged - Goodyear, Arizona 
Sonoran Desert At Dawn - Goodyear, Arizona
Saguaro In The Desert - Goodyear, Arizona
Spiky Cactus - Goodyear, Arizona
One Cactus - Goodyear, Arizona
Pinnacle - Goodyear, Arizona
I found this ball out in the desert.
Pink Flowers - Goodyear, Arizona
Yellow Fire Hydrant - Goodyear, Arizona
This photograph works because yellow and blue are color opposites.
Boy And Toy Trains - Goodyear, Arizona
This is ISO 3200 on the NX200, which looks much better as black-and-white than color.
Asian Doll House - Scottsdale, Arizona
Young Girl - Scottsdale, Arizona
The NX200 does an excellent job with skin tones.
Carousel Pole - Scottsdale, Arizona
Carousel Horses - Scottsdale, Arizona
The dynamic range in this scene is pretty large.
Two Glasses - Scottsdale, Arizona
Glass Of Soda - Scottsdale, Arizona
Roofs And Palm Trees - Scottsdale, Arizona
Canopies - Scottsdale, Arizona
Red Canopy - Scottsdale, Arizona
Parking Lot At Dusk - Scottsdale, Arizona
This was a four second exposure. I used a flat surface since I didn't have a tripod.
Girl Waiting On Bench At Night - Scottsdale, Arizona
This was a six second exposure. I used a bench (like the one in the photograph) as a sturdy surface since I didn't have a tripod with me. The circle of light is a cell phone.

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