Friday, March 30, 2012

Arizona Trip, Day 4 & 5

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3

Day 4: Friday, March 16

I awoke early (again) this day to get some morning photographs around the Star Tower in the foothills of the Estrella Mountains. This is a beautiful area, especially in the spring when the desert comes alive with vibrant colors.

The Samsung NX200 continues to impress. There is a lot of fine details in the images and the kit lens is pretty darn sharp for a kit lens. The NX200 produces results that one would expect from a camera that costs over $2,000 for just the body, but I paid only $750 for the body and a lens. What a deal!

The day also included a visit to a local park around noon and a trip to Surprise in the afternoon.
Chuparosa - Goodyear, Arizona
Agave - Goodyear, Arizona
Red Fairy Duster Flower - Goodyear, Arizona
Red Yucca Flowers - Goodyear, Arizona
Alive Saguaro Behind Dead Saguaro Spines - Goodyear, Arizona
Red Flower Against Cactus - Goodyear, Arizona
Round Cement Seats - Goodyear, Arizona
Stream In The Sonoran Desert - Goodyear, Arizona
Small Waterfall Over Rocks - Goodyear, Arizona
Star Tower - Goodyear, Arizona
Purple Flower Blossoming - Goodyear, Arizona
Sonoran Desert, Estrella Mountains - Goodyear, Arizona
Canopy Shape - Goodyear, Arizona
Cement Walls - Goodyear, Arizona
Three Ducks - Goodyear, Arizona
Eleven Ducks - Goodyear, Arizona
Dead Fish - Goodyear, Arizona
No Parking - Surprise, Arizona
Cactus Man - Surprise, Arizona
Bee On Orange Blossom - Surprise, Arizona
Ice Cream Van - Surprise, Arizona
Three Leaves On Sidewalk - Surprise, Arizona 
Statues On Swing - Surprise, Arizona
Makeshift Flag And Flagpole - Surprise, Arizona
Metal Butterfly - Surprise, Arizona
Shooting Star - Goodyear, Arizona
This was a two minute exposure.
Day 5: Saturday, March 17 

This was a travel day back to Tehachapi, California. 

Arizona was very nice with perfect weather. We returned home to cold and snow in Tehachapi. Talk about a shock! 

It was a fun but much-too-short trip. I'm just glad the NX200 arrived just in time to try it out while there.
Red Yucca And Cactus - Goodyear, Arizona
Red Flower Beginning To Blossom - Goodyear, Arizona
Yellow Cactus Fruit - Goodyear, Arizona
Edward - Quartzsite, Arizona
Edward was playing his guitar and singing in front of a Carl's Jr. Times can be tough--and for Ed they can't get much tougher--but what is important is how one responds to those tough times. Ed's attitude and willingness to be vulnerable is certainly inspirational.
Dinner Stop - Victorville, California
This was hand-held with the shutter set at 1/5!
Snow Tree #1 - Tehachapi, California
Leaves With Snow - Tehachapi, California
Snow Tree #2 - Tehachapi, California
McDonald's Snowy Drive-Thru - Tehachapi, California

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