Friday, March 30, 2012

March Snow

I was cleaning out some folders when I came across these photogaphs. It has been a very busy month and I'd not got around to post-processing them.

The first photograph was taken on Sunday, March 18th and the last two were taken on Monday, March 19th. All three were captured with a Samsung NX200.

BNSF Through The Snow - Tehachapi, California
Dusting Of Snow On The Desert - Mojave, California
Desert And Mountains In White - Mojave, California
Taken while driving on California Highway 58.

I found another folder with more snow photographs from March 19th. These were also captured with my Samsung NX200.

Boy's First Snow Day - Tehachapi, California
Cold Life - Tehachapi, California
Snow Stump - Tehachapi, California 
Frozen Arch - Tehachapi, California
Leaves Poking Through - Tehachapi, California
Cold Bricks - Tehachapi, California 
Winter Berries - Tehachapi, California 
Weed In Winter - Tehachapi, California
Icicles - Tehachapi, California

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