Thursday, March 8, 2012

Phoneography, Part 4: Creative Process

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I've had my Samsung Galaxy S camera phone for three-and-a-half weeks now. The little 5 megapixel built-in camera does a fine job. Because it is light and small--and because I always have it with me--it allows me to make interesting photographs that I otherwise would not be able to make.

Here are some phoneographs I've created since Part 3:
Egg Shape - Palmdale, California
This is worn paint on a utility box where water gathers after the rain. Always look for the small things that everyone else passes by. A boost in contrast and color saturation makes the image pop.
Purple Flower In The Grass - Tehachapi, California
One of the early spring flowers. Again, added contrast and color saturation makes the image an eye-grabber.
Blind Cords - Tehachapi, California
This was at a Denny's restaurant. If all the chords were the same length, this would have been a boring image. But since all four are slightly different, it adds interest.
Peeling Paper - Tehachapi, California
This was on the wall of a business. I doubt many noticed, and if they did, they probably thought it was unsightly. I liked the shape (sort of a giraffe reaching for a leaf) and the texture.
Last Cup Of Coffee - Tehachapi, California
Sometimes the placement of an object next to words that were not meant for that object can add new meaning. I left the spoon in the cup for compositional balance.
Trash In The Grass - Tehachapi, California
I really dislike litter. It ruins an otherwise beautiful scene. Because I have a strong opinion, I can turn that into non-verbal communication that speaks through the photograph.
Cigarette Butt Can, Trash Can - Palmdale, California
There is a lot going on in this image--maybe too much. You have the two cans, the vertical lines in the top half of the image. The smoke that leads to the upper right, and the line that leads from the bottom right. The many repeated lines and shapes make this an interesting image.
Taraxacum - Palmdale, California
A more shallow depth-of-field might have been better to keep your eyes away from the busy scene (grass is busy, especially if some of it is brown and some is green). 
Box Cars From Highway 14 - Mojave, California
Taken while driving. I really liked the graffiti-covered box cars. With the shutter lag that the cell phone has, it was luck that I was able to capture this image. 
BNSF Intermodel - Tehachapi, California
Taken within 15 minutes of sunset. I saw the train coming while driving down the road you see at the left. I didn't have much time to set up the image. I used the telephone pole and wires to add compositional interest.
Evening, Monolith - Tehachapi, California 
I took several images of the scene, but I liked this one with the car. That car adds interest that would otherwise be missing. This photograph would have been better had I used negative film because of the dynamic range limitations of digital.  
Cement Walls - Palmdale, California
This image is about shades of grey, repeated lines and shapes, and light and shadow play.
Construction Cone, Inside - Palmdale, California 
This image is about repeated curved lines. The spiderwebs covered in grass add interest. 
Yellow Post - Palmdale, California
This image is about space (positive and negative) and repeated shapes.
Grass, Clovers, Concrete
The shadows repeat the shapes of the grass and clovers. There is a metaphoric message, but the strongest statements are of contrasts: soft vs. hard, life vs. no life, and light vs. dark.
Auto Spkr - Palmdale, California 
It took a while to find the right time of day to photograph this. I wanted the pipe to be lit with the (busy) background in shadow. Turns out that about 1:00 pm was the right time.
Evergreen Shrub - Tehachapi, California
Taken at sunset. While at first glance there is not a lot to this image, a closer look reveals lines and shapes, some of which are repeated. I carefully chose where I wanted the highlights, shadows and lines to best draw the viewer into the photograph.

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