Sunday, April 29, 2012

B.J.'s Corner - Palmdale, California

B.J. MacWhirter was a local legend of sorts in Palmdale, California. He would watch aircraft land and depart the Palmdale airport from the same corner almost every day for about 17 years. That itself is not what made him a legend, it was his friendliness and kindness toward complete strangers that did so.

In 1997 B.J. passed away. Those who knew him created a memorial on the corner he frequented.

I few days back I stopped at the corner about mid-day (not the ideal time for photography). I had my Samsung NX200 with me, and captured these three images.
BJ's Corner - Palmdale, California

Does Not Perish - Palmdale, California
American Flag - Palmdale, California
I can only hope that when my time comes, people will fondly remember me with a similar passion as those who remember B.J.

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