Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Phoneography, Part 6: Photograph With What You Have

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I've spent a lot of time lately talking about my new (and very good) Samsung NX200 camera that I've neglected my other new Samsung camera: a Galaxy S cell phone.
Chair And Brick Wall - Palmdale, California
You might wonder why I would even use a cell phone camera since the NX200 is so good. Well, sometimes I forget the NX200 at home, or the battery runs dead and I don't have a spare or a charger. Sometimes it simply isn't practical to have a bigger camera with me. Sometimes it's more fun to have a camera where I can post-process and share the final product while I'm still on location. A cell phone camera is a great tool to have available, no matter what other cameras I may have.
V, Upside Down - Palmdale, California
Yesterday afternoon I found myself without my NX200 but still wanting to photograph. I was feeling inspired from earlier in the day. So I used my cell phone camera and created the images you see here.
Glowing Columns - Palmdale, California
Photograph with what you have with you. Don't worry about megapixels or any kind of technical data. Be creative--use your imagination--and see what the results are.
Red Cross - Palmdale, California
I used two free apps, Pixl-O-Matic (available for both Android and Apple) and Photo Editor (Android only), to do most of the post-processing. Another free app called PicsArt was briefly used. While you can pay money for apps, I found that these free ones work plenty well.
Metal Lines - Palmdale, California
If you find yourself without your DSLR, but you have a cell phone with a built-in camera in your pocket, then you have everything you need to craft great images. Don't miss out on capturing those images--use the tools that you already have with you.
Water - Palmdale, California
 Here's a link to some good phoneographs by other photographers.
Checkers - Palmdale, California

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