Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Photograph Every Day

I try to photograph every day. There is a lesson to be learned with each image, so there more I photograph, the better of a photographer become. That's true for you, too.

Some days I don't photograph anything at all, and I regret that. Most days I capture a couple images. Some days I capture more. The number of exposed frames is not really important, but getting out with a camera in hand is important. Getting out and doing is the goal.

All of these photographs were capture yesterday using a Samsung NX200 except where noted. It wasn't any kind of special day--I was simply going about typical daily activities, but with a camera nearby.
Early Morning Joshua Tree - Rosamond, California

Curved Joshua Tree - Rosamond, California
Morning Sun Over The Mojave Desert - Rosamond, California

Buds And Blossom - Palmdale, California

Pink Pedals - Palmdale, California
Buds And Blossom #2 - Palmdale, California
The photograph directly above and below are two versions of the same image, captured and post-processed on my Samsung Galaxy S cell phone. Cell phones can be a legitimate photography tool but are often overlooked. I don't typically make multiple versions of the same image, but I was unsure which way I wanted to go with it.
Buds And Blossom #3 - Palmdale, California
Grade Crossing - Tehachapi, California
Lost Wishes - Tehachapi, California
Shy Poppy - Tehachapi, California
Warm Flowers - Tehachapi, California
Fly On The Wall - Tehachapi, California

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