Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Photographs From The Past Few Days

I haven't done a lot of photography over the last few days. However, I do attempt to have a camera with me everywhere I go and I try to find something to photograph.

All of these were captured with a Samsung NX200 while going about everyday life. I kept an eye out for anything interesting.You never know when inspiration will find you.

The photograph directly below, for example, was taken at a yummy restaurant near Lake Isabella, California, called Los Palomo's. My two-year-old son grabbed a painted rock that was a decoration and started spinning it on the table. I wanted to scold him, but reached for my camera instead. The image you see was the first of seven attempts. I "corrected" the white balance in the other six photographs, but decided I liked this one better. I used ISO 1600 and cropped 4/5ths of the image out.
Spinning Painted Rock - Bodfish, California

Broken Bike - Bodfish, California
The above photograph was captured about 10-12 minutes after sundown using ISO 3200. Brake lights from a vehicle and an outside lamp provided some additional lighting. The graininess and soft-focus add to the drama of the photograph.
Fly On Green - Tehachapi, California
Flies are hard to capture without a long telephoto lens, because they quickly fly away as soon as you get close to them. I didn't have a long telephoto lens to capture the above image, so I "zoomed" by cropping. I cut about 7/8ths of the image out to create the above photograph.
Closed Poppy - Tehachapi, California
Back Lit Flowers - Tehachapi, California
The two photographs above were found in my yard. Sometimes you don't have to go far to find something interesting to capture.

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