Thursday, May 3, 2012

Arizona In April: Day 1 - Travel

I took a quick weekend trip to Arizona, starting on April 19th. The first day was spent getting there. I left in the afternoon and arrived late. Still, I kept my Samsung NX200 close by and was able to photograph some here and there.

The first two photographs, which are of a beautiful sunrise over the Mojave Desert, were captured many hours before actually departing.

Joshua Tree, Lava Sky - Rosamond, California

Burning Bush - Rosamond, California

Wildflowers #1 - Kendall, California
Wildflowers #2 - Kendall, California
Young Boy On Red Bench - Kendall, California
Triangle - Kendall, California
The above photograph was captured with my cell phone.

Lamp - Kendall, California
Old Chain - Chiriaco Summit, California
Cracked Feathers - Chiriaco Summit, California

Old Ford - Chiriaco Summit, California

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