Monday, May 21, 2012

Arizona In April: Day 3 - Busy, Busy

Day 2

Here are the Day 3 photographs from my April trip to Arizona (April 21st to be exact). I got up early to catch the sunrise, spent some time in the late-morning and early-afternoon visiting with family, and traveled back to Tehachapi, California that evening. It was a busy day!

All of the photographs were captured using my Samsung NX200 except for one, which was captured using a cell phone.
Duckling - Goodyear, Arizona

Pier, Bench, Lamp - Goodyear, Arizona

Pier Reflection - Goodyear, Arizona

Shadows On Brick - Goodyear, Arizona

Small Flower - Goodyear, Arizona

Rainbow Fountains - Goodyear, Arizona

Palm Tree Reflections - Goodyear, Arizona

Contrast Grass - Goodyear, Arizona

Saguaro In Bloom - Goodyear, Arizona

Saguaro Blossom Bee - Goodyear, Arizona

Saguaro Flowers - Goodyear, Arizona

Saguaro - Goodyear, Arizona

Yellow Flowers, Blue Sky - Goodyear, Arizona

Saguaro Skeleton - Goodyear, Arizona

Boy Waiting - Surprise, Arizona

Sisters And Brother - Surprise, Arizona

Sisters - Surprise, Arizona
Ocean Sunset - Desert Center, California
The above photograph was taken by my wife, Amanda, using my cell phone while we were driving near Desert Center. She was trying to capture the back-lit desert, but the windshield was dirty from dead bugs. I offered to clean it and realized as soon as the words were out of my mouth that the spray on the windshield was what should be captured. Using a little post-processing on my phone I was able to create the above image, which looks like a sunset over the ocean with some spray on the camera lens.
Smokey Sunset - Coachella, California

Light Flower - Palm Springs, California

Orange Street Lamp - Palm Springs, California

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