Sunday, May 27, 2012

May Photographs, Part 1

I'm really far behind in sharing photographs on this Blog. I've actually made a lot of progress over the last week or so, but I'm still far behind.

I try to photograph every day, even if it's just one image. It's easy to get behind when try I share so many of them with you. Most photography blogs have only the best-of-the-best uploaded. I post a pretty high percentage of my images for you to see. With each image there is something to be learned, so perhaps there is a benefit to it.

Here is part one (of probably four) of photographs from the month of May that I have not yet posted.

Train And Full Moon - Tehachapi, California

Broken Windmill At Dusk - Tehachapi, California
The above photograph was a massive crop. It was on private property, so I could only get so close. Thankfully, my Samsung NX200 has tons of resolution so that I can "zoom" by cropping.
Joshua Tree Sunrise - Rosamond, California

Joshua Tree And Moon - Rosamond, California

Duck Crossing - Tehachapi, California
Duck In The Road - Tehachapi, California
Agriculture Irrigation - Tehachapi, California

Cow Crossing - Tehachapi, California

Tree Reflection - Stallion Springs, California

Two Ducks - Stallion Springs, California

Spring Oak - Stallion Springs, California

Rocks, Tree - Stallion Springs, California

Motorcycle Reflection - Mojave, California

Classic Lines And Shapes - Mojave, California

Bugatti Exhaust - Mojave, California

Bugatti - Mojave, California

German Cars - Mojave, California

Headlight - Mojave, California

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