Monday, May 28, 2012

May Photographs, Part 2

As I mentioned yesterday, I got really far behind in sharing my photographs on this Blog. This is an attempt to catch up. I still have two or three more posts like this before I'm completely caught up. By then, I'll have captured even more photographs. It's a never ending process.

All of these were captured using either a Samsung NX200 or a Pentax K-x. I won't mention which ones are which, because it's not important. Either it's a good photograph or it isn't, and the camera that was used matters not. But most were captured with the NX200.

Four Girls Before Prom - Lake Isabella, California

Brown Eyed Girl - Lake Isabella, California

Senior Prom, Christina - Lake Isabella, California

Guitar Solo - Bodfish, California

Rock Emotion - Bodfish, California

Dark Music - Bodfish, California

Water Valve - Stallion Springs, California

Reflecting - Stallion Springs, California

3 - Stallion Springs, California
Willow - Stallion Springs, California

Guitar And Bass - Stallion Springs, California

Rock At Dusk - Stallion Springs, California

Crow Sunrise - Tehachapi, California

Boulevard Mirrored - Tehachapi, California

Circle K - Tehachapi, California

Sidewalk And Shadows - Tehachapi, California

Red Roses - Tehachapi, California

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