Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pentax K-x Images

Less than a week ago I got my Pentax K-x back from the camera store with a clean sensor. I have used it a lot more than my Samsung NX200, despite the fact that it's not my best camera.

I did most of the post-processing for these photographs using the camera--maybe 5% of the editing was done on my computer. The K-x has some pretty good built-in software that allows you to do some creative things easily. For small adjustments to exposure, contrast, etc., it's faster to use a home computer. For some other adjustments, it's either faster or better to use the camera's software.

I do have many photographs from the last month that I owe you. I've been very busy with some other projects so I haven't found the time. I promise that I will post those other photographs just as soon as I can. In the meantime, enjoy these:
Sepia Rose - Bodfish, California

Profanity - Bodfish, California

Forbidden Landscape - Bodfish, California

Moving Industry - Tehachapi, California

Rolling Graffiti - Tehachapi, California

Monolith Cement - Tehachapi, California

Railroad Car In Negative Landscape - Tehachapi, California
When I was in my very early twenties I shot a lot of slide film. Sometimes I would print the "positives" on paper meant for negatives. The result would be very similar to what you see above. With digital, the process is so much quicker and easier.
Switch Stand - Tehachapi, California

Blue Bucket - Tehachapi, California

Red Face - Tehachapi, California

Rail Lines - Tehachapi, California

Rail Clips - Tehachapi, California

Yellow On Red Tie Plates - Tehachapi, California

Faded Writing On The Wall - Tehachapi, California

Bright Moss On Fence - Tehachapi, California

Old Farm Engine - Tehachapi, California

White Rose, Green Bush - Tehachapi, California

Boarded Window - Tehachapi, California

Orange Poppy - Tehachapi, California
The above photograph is probably the largest crop I've done with the K-x. I cut about 80% of the image out. It's not exactly as I planned when I opened the shutter, but it's much stronger this way. Never be afraid to crop if it makes the image stronger.
Flower Garden - Tehachapi, California

Self Portrait With Pentax - Tehachapi, California
It's been a while since I did a mirror photograph. People like photographs of people, and since I had none on my K-x, I photographed myself.

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