Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thought Of The Day: Vision

To be a successful photographer, you must have vision.

Vision can be defined as "a vivid and imaginative conception." Vision is having a concept--knowing exactly what you want to create. Vision is having imagination--being creative in your work. Vision is having vividness--a distinct and clear voice.

A little over one month ago I wrote that I needed to refocus. I've been actively working on that. I've spent quite a bit of time considering what it means and how to succeed at it. And I've created a lot of photographs.

Over the last few days I've begun to understand exactly what my vision is as an artist. I understand more fully why I'm attracted to certain images. I understand more fully what exactly it is I want to create. I can see more clearly the direction I'm going and the direction I want to go.

I have vision. And I better know how to follow the paths of that vision.

I have a yearning to express myself through my photographs. I have a point-of-view that I want to share. There is something unique in my vision that I hope can be appreciated.

If you are seeking your own vision, don't give up! Keep pursuing your passion and eventually you will find what it is you are looking for.

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