Friday, June 1, 2012

May Photographs, Part 4

Now that it is June, I'm almost caught up sharing photographs captured in May. I was pretty far behind, but I've been pushing hard to catch up--one more post (after this one) and I'll be there.

These were captured using a Samsung NX200 and a Pentax K-x, but mostly the K-x.
Broken Fence - Ilmon, California
Crazy Bird - Caliente, California
Country Dirt Road - Bealville, California
BNSF From Above - Bealville, California
Tehachapi Mountain Railroading - Bealville, California
Building America - Bealville, California
Excitement At The Loop - Tehachapi, California
Quick Train - Tehachapi, California
The Fast Slide - Tehachapi, California
Three Trees - Tehachapi, California
Star Spangled Banner - Tehachapi, California
Thirsty? - Tehachapi, California
Yellow And Blue - Tehachapi, California

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