Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Project: George Air Force Base

I decided just today that I will undertake a new photography project: the ruins of George Air Force Base in Victorville, California.

This place has some special meaning to me because I was born in Victorville (although not on the base) and my sister was born at the base hospital. I have a history that is connected in a small way to George AFB.

Some of the old military base remains in ruin. Much of the old housing is intact but crumbling. For some photographs, check out this site. The photographs aren't great, but you get a pretty good idea of what's there.

It's an interesting site because it shows an unusual type of urban decay. Parts of the base sit completely abandoned, falling apart and returning very slowly to nature. Yet some other parts of the old base are still used and are very much alive. There are some places where this life and death are literally right next to each other.

I will set out with cameras in hand sometime within the next few weeks, so be sure to check back and see the project as it unfolds.

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