Friday, June 22, 2012

On Location: George Air Force Base, Victorville, California - Part 1

Early this morning I visited old George Air Force Base near Victorville, California. It's now called Southern California Logistics Airport, as the base closed down in December of 1992 as part of the Base Realignment and Closure commission following the Cold War.

What is interesting about this location is that the old military housing and some other buildings from the base are completely abandoned and most of them are in ruins. Most of these buildings were constructed in the 1960's, although some appear to be older and some newer. It's also a location that has been largely ignored by the photographic community.

Part of the reason the buildings are in such a state of decay is that the military has used them for urban warfare training. 20 years of exposure to the harsh desert climate without care or repair has done the rest.

The buildings are easily accessible, and some parts of the old base are in still in use, such as two schools, a church, a park and a golf course. You can drive right onto the old base without problem and easily find parking.

A security patrol did stop me first thing (after I'd snapped only five frames) and asked what I was doing. I explained that I'm a photographer and I that was capturing the old buildings. He seemed satisfied with that and I didn't see him again.

A word of caution if you should go: you are technically trespassing and the buildings are unsafe. I don't suggest that you put yourself at risk. Keep yourself safe and stay out of trouble.

Anyway, I started out at sunrise and explored and photographed for two hours. I only got to about 5% or 8% of the abandoned base, and over 90% I didn't have time for. That means I'll have to make additional trips there in the near future.

I used my Samsung NX200 and Pentax K-x to capture the images. All of these photographs were taken with the K-x. Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 will have the NX200 images.
Tweezy - Victorville, California
Lost Luggage - Victorville, California
Lifeless - Victorville, California
Broken Fan - Victorville, California 
Table For Two - Victorville, California
Off The Air - Victorville, California
Death And Ruins - Victorville, California
Burnt Corner - Victorville, California
The Doors - Victorville, California
I P - Victorville, California
Empty Doorway - Victorville, California
Shutter Shadow - Victorville, California
Heating Machine - Victorville, California
Middle East Writing - Victorville, California
Open Floor Plan - Victorville, California
Kill First - Victorville, California
No Through Fare - Victorville, California 
Forgotten Chair - Victorville, California 
Rusted Spray Can - Victorville, California

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