Saturday, July 14, 2012

Abandonment Photography

I'm fascinated by the ruins of old roads and buildings, forgotten and left to time and nature. I've been intrigued by this for a while, but only recently have I felt a passion to photograph these places.

Dreams, hopes, and life all passed through these locations. There was once energy. There was once moms, dads, and children. There was once cars and bikes. There was once day-to-day activity.

But all of that is gone. Only decay remains, and long-lost memories. Everyone has moved on or passed on. No one remembers or cares. All is quiet.

I recently photographed the ruins at old George Air Force Base in Victorville, California. Here are parts one, two, three and four. These are photographs of abandonment that I've made since then. I used a Samsung NX200.
Forgotten Highway 58 - Mojave, California
A small section of abandoned California Highway 58 just north of Mojave, California.
X - Mojave, California 
Broken Home At Sunrise - Mojave, California
Window And Wall - Mojave, California
Lost Wall - Mojave, California
Light Switch On - Mojave, California
Room With A View - Mojave, California
Wall Showing - Mojave, California
Fallen Roof - Mojave, California
Desert Home - Mojave, California
Lost Home - Mojave, California
Water Tower Foundation - Keene, California
Remains from the days of steam trains.
Won't Leave The Light On - Lake Isabella, California
Parking For Guests Only - Lake Isabella, California
Open Gate, Closed Motel - Lake Isabella, California

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