Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New: Portfolio

I just finished my on-line portfolio! This is something I've been working on for about a month. I went through thousands of my photographs, narrowed it down to a few hundred, then to the final 140.

It was a more difficult task than I had anticipated. I'm not 100% sure that I made all the right choices. I constantly debated if certain photographs should be included or not. And there are the images where the buyer asked me not to display them on-line (even though I have the legal right to). Tough choices.

In the end, I feel that the photographs selected best represent who I am as a photographer. I'm proud to showcase these photographs, and I hope you enjoy them.

My portfolio is a dynamic display. What I mean by that is as I continue to create images, the portfolio will change. Better photographs will replace "lesser" photographs. Some categories will be expanded. Some new categories will be added. I suspect that by this time next year, 25% of the photographs will be replaced, and the size of the portfolio will expand to about 200 photographs. Time will tell.

Some interesting notes:

- Even though I've been photographing for almost 15 years, no image captured before 2010 made the portfolio. I think this reflects how much I've improved as a photographer and how much my tastes have changed. For example, I can very easily pick the flaws in a photograph that I took ten years ago that I was very proud of when I captured it.

- Of the 140 images, five were captured using film--three with a Holga 120N, one with a Promaster 2500PK SLR, and one with a disposable camera!

- 15 images were captured with a cell phone camera.

- A handful of the photographs were captured using a digital point-and-shoot camera. Your equipment is a lot less important to the success of a photograph than you think it is.

- About half were captured this year. Just a guess without going back over all 140 images, but it's pretty darn close to 50%. This shows that my photography has improved even in the last six months.

Check it out!

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