Sunday, July 15, 2012

Recent Photographs (Sunrises, Trees, Trains, Etc.)

Here are some recent photographs that I'd yet to share on this Blog. I used a Pentax K-x and Samsung NX200 to create them. I doesn't really matter which camera was used to capture which images, because your camera isn't important. Vision is what's most important.
Moon Over Silver Queen Mine - Mojave, California
Wish Stick - Lake Isabella, California
Melon Vine - Lake Isabella, California
Orange Train, Yellow Train Car - Bealville, California
Morning Creosote - Mojave, California
July Sunrise #1 - Mojave, California
July Sunrise #2 - Mojave, California
Cloudy Day Joshua Tree - Rosamond, California
The End - Rosamond, California
Oak Tree On A Grassy Hill - Bealville, California
Taken while driving.
Large Pine Tree - Bodfish, California

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