Thursday, July 19, 2012

San Diego In July, Part 2: Faith, Friendship, Jarritos & a Bird

Part 1

The idea for Faith In The Sand come quickly and easily. My wife and I had discussed doing a photograph like this weeks before our arrival in San Diego. It was her idea to use the sea grass to write a word. I was drawn to the shifting sands contrasted against the steadfast rocks. I felt that "faith" was the best word to describe the scene. The cross on the rock (caused by some cracks) was a bonus that I didn't even notice at first! It was a bit of destiny--and vision.

The friendship sign was in Balboa Park. We enjoyed some cold Jarritos at Mission Beach, and also saw a bird that was people-watching. All of these photographs were captured using a Samsung NX200.
Faith In The Sand - San Diego, California
Faith - San Diego, California
Friendship - San Diego, California
Four Jarritos - San Diego, California
Bird, Watching - San Diego, California

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