Monday, July 30, 2012

Thought Of The Day: Why Personal Style Is Important In Photography

There is a very good read over at Luminous Landscape today. Photographer Alain Briot explains that if your photography doesn't have a personal style, your images will look just like those made by everyone else who photographed the same scene. This is especially true if it is an often-visited location--there may be thousands or even tens-of-thousands of photographs just like yours.

I talked about this over a year ago in a post called How To Take Unique Photographs of the Grand Canyon.
Hazy Canyon - Grand Canyon, Arizona
Alain explains, "I believe that in order to make meaningful photographs, learning the art of seeing and vision is as important as learning craft and technique. After over 15 years of major advances in digital photography, there is a need for artistically-inclined photographers to focus on the artistic aspects of photography, to the essence of seeing and personal expression, and to the fundamental aspects of photography as art."

Amen! The only thing in the quote above that I disagree with is that I believe "seeing and vision" are more important than "learning craft and technique" (not equally important). Learning how to use equipment and software will come naturally as you actively use it. Learning vision is difficult.

Unfortunately, Alain wants you to buy his DVD to learn how to have vision. Fortunately, I have a Blog post that explains vision for free!
Steadfast Movement - Mojave, California


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