Thursday, August 2, 2012

July In Review - The Photographs

I reviewed some of the technical data for the month of July. Since this is a photography Blog, I though it might be nice to show some of my favorite photographs posted last month. If you are a regular viewer, you've seen all of these before--hopefully you don't mind a second look.

I used a Samsung NX200, Pentax K-x and a cell phone to capture these images. Pretty much all of them required vision to create. They are in no particular order.
Wrong Way Alley - San Diego, California
Endless Summer Dream - San Diego, California
Three Palms - San Diego, California
Wet White Pedals - San Diego, California
Building Summer Storm - Adelanto, California
Colorful Tires - San Diego, California
Cleared Hot! - Tehachapi, California
Against The Wall - Tehachapi, California
Shadow Mortar - Tehachapi, California
Men Of Ashes - Tehachapi, California
Sleeping Ducks At Mission Bay - San Diego, California
Lights, Reflected - San Diego, California
Fireworks Over The Bay - San Diego, California
Sail Boat At Dusk - San Diego, California
The Beach After Sunset - San Diego, California
Santa Fe At Bealville - San Diego, California
Boy Watching Model Trains - San Diego, California
Faith In The Sand - San Diego, California
Four Jarritos - San Diego, California
Storming The Beach - San Diego, California
Guarding The Beach - San Diego, California
In The Trenches - San Diego, California
Moon Over Silver Queen Mine - Mojave, California
Melon Vine - Lake Isabella, California
Morning Creosote - Mojave, California
July Sunrise #2 - Mojave, California
The End - Rosamond, California
Forgotten Highway 58 - Mojave, California
X - Mojave, California
Broken Home At Sunrise - Mojave, California

Room With A View - Mojave, California

Wall Showing - Mojave, California

Won't Leave The Light On - Lake Isabella, California

Public Bathroom - Palmdale, California

Manhole Covers - Palmdale, California

Hair & Nail Salon - Tehachapi, California

Blue And Yellow River - Kernville, California
Flowing Down - Kernville, California
Ghost On The Water - Lake Isabella, California
Dizzy Lamp - Surprise, Arizona
Fireworks Over The Lake #1 - Lake Isabella, California
Fireworks In The Mountains - Lake Isabella, California
Red, White And Blue - Lake Isabella, California
Fireworks Over The Lake #4 - Lake Isabella, California

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