Friday, August 31, 2012

More August Photographs

I'm almost caught up sharing my photographs with you on this Blog. I got behind, but I finally found some times to get them uploaded.

All of these were captured using a Samsung NX200.
California Desert Sunrise - Mojave, California
Old Randsburg Cutoff - Mojave, California
The image above and below show a small section of the Randsburg Cutoff that is abandoned. This road was originally constructed in 1898 and provided a direct route between Mojave and Randsburg, two growing mining towns. The alignment of the old road you see pictured here was constructed sometime in the 1960's and abandoned in the late 1990's. Much of the Randsburg Cutoff still exists and can be driven on, although much of it is dirt and some parts are not maintained. 
Old Mileage Marker - Mojave, California
Broken Road - Tehachapi, California
The photograph above and the three below are of old U.S. Highway 466. While the highway was decommissioned in 1964, large chunks of the old Highway exist and are still in use. Where these photographs were captured, the old highway dead-ends at someone's private property. A recent fire destroyed an old bridge, leaving a section closed and unusable. 
Burnt Remnants - Tehachapi, California
Do Not Pass - Tehachapi, California
Burnt Bridge - Tehachapi, California
Four Old Fence Posts - Tehachapi, California
Winged Nut - Hesperia, California
Two Wrenches - Hesperia, California
Ball Defying Gravity - Hesperia, California
It took 33 tries to capture this image. When you have vision, you know what it is you wish to create and then you go about doing it. If I had stopped short of capturing exactly what I wanted, or if I simply didn't know what I wanted, I wouldn't have this photograph. 
System of Nerves - Hesperia, California
I was just messing around with some glow sticks in a dark room. This was a 30 second exposure.

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