Monday, August 6, 2012

On Location: George Air Force Base, Victorville, California - Part 5

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I had a chance to return to old George Air Force Base near Victorville, California. I was passing through just before sunset and had the opportunity to spend 15 minutes or so photographing the old base housing.

If I lived in Victorville, I'd go to George Air Force Base a few times a week to photograph it. This is a great and largely untapped location! I hope to return within the next few weeks.

All of these were captured using a Samsung NX200.
George's Old Home - Victorville, California
Broken Wall - Victorville, California
Door Circles - Victorville, California
Wooded Window - Victorville, California
Setting Sun On The Forgotten - Victorville, California
Abandoned Sofa - Victorville, California
Ghost Of Media Past - Victorville, California
Remnants Of The Past - Victorville, California
Sunset Through Broken Glass - Victorville, California


  1. TO BE AN AMERICAN WAS A HONOR ONCE AND NOW ?????I was born here when my dad was an officer in US Airforce ,I don't remember much but I have pictures and it was a happy just breaks my heart to know that a place as big as this base'George Airforce Base in Ca. could have been used for families that needed shelter and a place to call their roots . I was raised in the mili.and was in the Airforce and I think that instead of seeing the place I and others were born fall apart, give it to a honest group of good hearted people that would have worked hard to have kept it up .you know this country had rised up from people like us there wasn't a government at one time and I believe that given to people that would have appre. a home would have thrived ....why I ask ''My Government ''Your Government" didn't you give it to your people ...Why is the place I was Born turning to DUST..If a Base is closed use it to help OUR PEOPLE dont let it turn to Dust ..By the way I live off my Dist.Check of $523.00 amonth and this money covers power and water I recieved $130.00 amonth in foodstamps my gas got turned off for heat and hot water and I am one of the lucky ones I got a home from my mom and dad payed for but as of today I went to apply for S.S. and got it $93.00 and guess what I thought maybe gas .ult. money to take a bath instead of Boiling it on the stove ,but instead my foodstamps went down to $70.00 how did this HELP """NOT""" I have to have Ins.for A car I Can't Keep up so I have to give up Food or another Luxury like water ohyeh something else, I can't pay my home taxes SO GUESS WHAT MY GOVERNMENT THAT RAISED ME THAT I WAS PROUD OF THAT TURNED MY BIRTH PLACE INTO DUSSSSST they the Government are TAKEING MY HOME now MY GOVERNMENT ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT !!!!! OH I AM SORRY THERE IS NOTHING LEFT >>TWO MORE MONTHS A HOUSE THAT IS PAYED FOR BY MY DAD A MAJOR IN YOUR AIRFORCE AND THE FIRST PERSON TO WORK AND RUN YOUR COMPUTER IN THE UNITED STATES > My DAD WORKED TILL HE WAS 75 AT CDC OF ATL... THIS HOUSE I WAS RAISED IN WILL BE YOURS NOT MINE,NOT A HOME I CAN PASS DOWN TO MY DADS GRANDCHILD .. I WON"T HAVE A HOME """"""DEBRA ,,I wanted to believe you care,,BUT There is alot of us you have forgotten!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you for your comment. My sister was born at George AFB and it is really sad what some parts of it have become. It seems like the government could have done so much more with the old buildings other than decay.

    2. i also thought the homes should have been used to house families in need of homes...until i learned that all air-base housings were drenched in hexachlor, chlordane, 4,4DDD, 4,4 DDE, 4,4DDT.....and host of other's toxic. i now have parkinson's because of it.