Monday, August 6, 2012

Phoeneography, Part 12: Foap

Parts 1-11

This is an update to Part 11. I said it was possible to do real, paying photographic work with your cell phone. Well, here is another way that I just became aware of: Foap.
Gas Station Sunset - Ehrenberg, Arizona
Foap is a stock photography website where you can buy cell phone images for $10. The photographer gets a cut of $5. That's actually a pretty good deal for both sides.

Just like any stock photography service, if you want to contribute you have to be approved, which is not always easy. Only good photographs will get accepted.

Right now the app to contribute is only available for the iPhone. Apparently if enough Android users sign a petition at the bottom of the page, they'll create an app for those (like me) with a Droid phone.

If you have some quality phoneographs, this might be a good way to earn some income from those images.

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