Sunday, August 5, 2012

Phoneography, Part 11: Weekend Arizona Trip

Parts 1-10

I took a weekend trip to Phoenix and left all of my cameras behind. Well, all but one: my cell phone camera. 

This trip was a busy work weekend. Days started early and ended late. There was not a lot of time for photography; however, there is always time for some photography.

On another note, a photographer told me last week that he didn't think it was possible to do professional work using a cell phone camera. What he meant is that he doesn't believe that cell phone cameras can produce high enough quality that one could earn money from images captured using a cell phone.

I pointed out that war photographer Damon Winter does real work in Afghanistan using his cell phone camera. I pointed out that photographer Greg Schmigel has a traveling exhibit of cell phone photographs. I pointed out photographer Chase Jarvis' successful book of cell phone photographs. I pointed out an annual cell phone photography contest where the winning images will blow you away.

You can do real, serious, paying photography work with your cell phone. But I couldn't convince the guy, he (like so many others) was certain that equipment is important. In reality, vision is all that matters.

All of these were captured using a Samsung Galaxy S.
Desert Day - Little Rock, California
California Mountain - Cajon Pass, California
Electric Blue Mountain - Cajon Pass, California
Waiting For Lunch - Palmdale, California
Looking Back - Beaumont, California
Evening Sky - Blythe, California
Desert Evening - Blythe, California
California Ending - Blythe, California
Stack Train - Cabazon, California
Xtra Truck Reflections - Blythe, California
Under The Rainbow - Ehrenberg, Arizona
Desert Promise - Ehrenburg, Arizona
Travelling I-10 - Desert Center, California
Arizona Sunset - Ehrenberg, Arizona
Gas Station Sunset - Ehrenberg, Arizona
Arizona Dusk - Ehrenberg, Arizona
Natural Design - Goodyear, Arizona
Burnt Room - Goodyear, Arizona
Abandonment Photography
Hot Kitchen - Goodyear, Arizona
Window Of Lost Dreams - Goodyear, Arizona
Destroyed Home - Goodyear, Arizona
Love's Trucks - Coachella, California

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