Monday, August 27, 2012

Phoneography, Part 13: Use What Camera You Have

People tell me often that equipment is important. People tell me that you need certain cameras and lenses and software to be a successful photographer.

All of that is nonsense. Creativity is far more important than equipment. Vision is most important.

Cell phone cameras are more than capable photographic tools. Don't let someone who thinks the camera is most important tell you that what you are using is somehow inferior. You can create significantly better images with a cell phone and your imagination than someone who has a Nikon D800 and no imagination.

Here are some recent images that I captured and post-processed using my Samsung Galaxy S.
Rain Water - Tehachapi, California
Monsoon Over The Desert - Lancaster, California
Monolith Summer - Tehachapi, California
Evening of Childhood - Tehachapi, California
141 Lines - Tehachapi, California
Tracks To Sundown - Tehachapi, California
Dusk Sky And Tree - Tehachapi, California
When Daylight Sleeps - Tehachapi, California
Dusk Sky - Tehachapi, California
Artificial - Tehachapi, California
Classic Girl - Stallion Springs, California

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