Thursday, August 9, 2012

Review: Campland On The Bay

Campland On The Bay is a tent and RV campground on Mission Bay in San Diego, California. It is a secluded location despite being in the middle of a very busy city.
The Beach After Sunset - San Diego, California
Campland On The Bay sits between the Kindall-Frost Marsh Reserve and the Rose Inlet on Mission Bay. That means that the sandy beach at Campland is private and is less crowded than some of the other beaches in the area. Best of all, it is a short walk from your RV or tent.

One thing to understand about Campland is that it is not quiet. This is not "in the middle of the forest miles from anyone" kind of camping. This is camping for those who don't like camping.
Sleeping Ducks At Mission Bay - San Diego, California
There is always activity, some of which is organized. Besides the sandy beach, there is a park with swings and slides for the kids, a heated pool and a hot tub, boats and bicycles that can be rented, an ice cream and food joint, a mini-mart and an arcade, basketball hoops, a skate park, horseshoes, and volleyball. Sometimes there are concerts and contests.

If you are bored at Campland, it is your own fault.
Endless Summer Dream - San Diego, California
The downside to all of this activity is that it is hard to find peace and quiet. That is what you have to know before going. If you can accept that, Campland is a great place to have tons of fun.

There are quiet hours at night, and most people comply. Some still continue to make noise into the early morning hours. We didn't have a problem with our neighbors, but I talked with someone who did have problems with his neighbors.
Sail Boat At Dusk - San Diego, California
The individual sites are a little small and you are close to your neighbors. There is water and electricity at most sites, as well as a fire pit. Bathrooms and showers are shared, but they keep them pretty clean. The grounds are beautiful and well maintained.

The cost is a little on the high side. You are paying for the location. You are close to Mission Beach and Sea World, and not far from downtown, the airport, and Balboa Park. Even so, for just a few dollars more you could stay at a nice hotel.
Lights, Reflected - San Diego, California
You are also paying for the amenities and activities. There is so much to do. There's plenty for the kids to do. No one will be bored. You can't get that at a hotel.

I recommend Campland On The Bay if you'll be spending a few days in San Diego. But if you're hoping for quiet relaxation, you'll want to look some place else.
Fireworks Over The Bay - San Diego, California
Tip: Walk out to the end of the jetty behind the marina around 9:45 pm to catch the nightly Sea World fireworks show.

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