Thursday, August 16, 2012

Second Thought Of The Day: Your Camera Doesn't Matter, Ever

I've said several times before that your camera doesn't matter. I really believe that and think it is truth.
Mojave August Sunrise - Mojave, California
I believe Ansel Adams felt the same way. He said, "The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it." 

And if Albert Einstein had been a photographer, he might have said something similar.

I did a quick Google search, and found that opinions vary on this. Some agree with me, others completely disagree, and others will say that it depends on different factors.

Here is the truth: if you can create great photographs, you can do so with any camera, and if you can't create great photographs, you cannot do so no matter the equipment. Either you can make great photographs or you can't, and the equipment doesn't matter either way.

Creating great photographs is about vision and nothing else. The above image was captured using a free cell phone!

Some will argue that certain types of photography require specialized equipment, so equipment is important and the camera (or lens, etc.) does matter. The reason that this is wrong is because these people are not thinking outside the box. Sure, if you want to create images that are just like every other person's in that genre, then yeah, equipment matters. If you want to create something different and unique, then no, equipment doesn't matter.

Often "lesser" equipment has limitations. Those limitations can be turned around and made into assets if you'll let it. The very things that would turn people off to certain cameras can be the very thing that gives your photographs uniqueness. In this day where everyone has a DSLR, it is uniqueness that will get you noticed. If your photographs are the same as every other person's images, you will never get noticed.

You certainly can use your imagination and figure out how to create great images with non-conventional equipment by photographing in non-conventional ways. If you have vision, as well, you'll create great and unique photographs that will get noticed.

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