Friday, August 10, 2012

Silver Queen Mine - Mojave, California

I hadn't returned to the Silver Queen Mine in Mojave, California since I visited last December. At that time it was abandoned. It is no longer abandoned. With gold and silver prices so high, the owners have begun mining again.

The area with the dilapidated buildings is around the corner from the new mining. They still lay in decay, sitting in a part of the mine that is not being used.

Some of these old structures date back to the 1930s, while others are from the 1950s or maybe 1960s. They are ignored and forgotten, but they are indeed historic and deserve better than abandonment. Such is life.

I love photographing these old places. Perhaps there is some justice in giving attention, and perhaps even a small bit of new life, to the old buildings. Check out these other posts: George AFB #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, and Abandonment.

I used a Samsung NX200 to capture these photographs.
Corrugated Wall - Mojave, California
Sorry About The Wall - Mojave, California
Lost Boon - Mojave, California
Nail - Mojave, California
Hinge - Mojave, California
The Devil Made Me Do It - Mojave, California
Old Stairs - Mojave, California
Broken Mine Structure - Mojave, California
Abandoned Boot - Mojave, California

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