Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thought Of The Day: Houston's "Make The Call" Video Unfairly Targets Photographers

Have you seen this? The city of Houston, Texas has made a series of terrorism awareness videos called Run, Hide, Fight. These videos, especially the one titled Make The Call, unfairly portray photographers as potential terrorists.
Photographers? Really?

In the video, you see a young female in a public place snapping pictures and taking notes. This could be a photography student or a journalist. This person is doing what I've seen many photographers do and that I've done myself.
Evacuation Assistance - Palmdale, California
The Make The Call video warns about photographers taking pictures of doors and exits. The photograph above and below are mine, so I guess (according to the video) that I should be considered suspicious and a potential threat. Me? Wow.
Dam Exit - Hoover Dam, Nevada
This video is damaging to photography, because it teaches people to fear street photographers. You can be completely within the law, yet the city of Houston wants its citizens to call the police on you. Paranoia like this is not helpful to anyone.

Yes, we should all be vigilant to our surroundings, but don't let fear get the best of you. Photographers should not be feared. Shame on Houston for creating this over-the-top nonsense!

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