Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thought Of The Day: Use What Camera You Already Have

I said last week that your camera doesn't matter, ever. And that is the truth.

Here is another truth: a new camera or lens or editing software will never make you a better photographer. It might make it a little easier to achieve what you are trying to do, but it will never make you better.
Horse - Onyx, California
Camera companies and camera stores want you to believe that you need to "upgrade" to the newest thing on the market. It's faster, smarter, shinier, better. Yes, digital technology changes quickly--if it's newer then it is probably slightly better in some way. But that still won't make you a better photographer.


Because photography is about vision and nothing else.

Instead of spending time and money on new equipment, spend that time and money learning how to make better photographs. That will improve your photography.

The image above was captured using a Holga camera. If you are unfamiliar with Holga, it's a cheap and simple camera from China. It's the complete opposite of a new DSLR, yet it can be used to create great photographs in the hands of a skilled photographer.

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